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Athens Walking Guide – PRIVATE & GROUP TOURS 

All of our Walking Athens Private & Group Tours focus on you having a great experience in Athens. A.W.G. tours are  F.I.L.E.S! But what does F.I.L.E.S means?

Fun,informative, local, entertaining, and sustainable!

Each tour offers historical and important information for the city of Athens, while visiting 6-10 different sightseeing spot. Although the tours differ in geography, duration, and theme, they all highlight the vibrant stories of the local people and historic places that make Athens one of the greatest cities and cultural centers of the world.

For most guests, (more than 97%) the amount of walking during the tours is not tiring or unpleasant. However we do recommend comfortable shoes like trainers, flip flops are ok but to my experience not ideal.

Please call A.W.G.  if you have any questions regarding the tours!

Can you hear me now?

We offer solutions of discrete, comfortable, personal audio enable you to hang back to snap photos and take in the sights at your leisure. Athens Walking Guide is a pioneer offering this cutting edge technology. If you will need assistance with your hearing please include your request in the booking form.

Please remember:

  • You’re safe!
  • Small & Intimate Private Tours
  • Available discreet hearing solutions
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Priority Reservation Policy -first come , first served
  • No sneaky 3rd party ticketing fees!

After the discovery of a vaccine for Covid19, our guides are not only vaccinated but they are taking the recommended precautions to avoid being infected by other people or to infect you in case of being sick without knowing it. Keeping one meter distance may be helpful for all of us! 

So, instead of handshaking we may just say hello, touch feet or wave our guests. And also you may respond by making a peace sign. Do not be insulted if we share a welcoming hand sanitizer. Being healthy and staying healthy, it is always are priority.