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Covid19 awareness

Our guides are all vaccinated. Additional, it is recommended to all of our guests to take precautions to avoid being infected by other people or to infect you in case of being sick without knowing it. Always it is obligatory to inform you for our covid status and a feedback of your covid experience is always welcome.  So, instead of handshaking we may just say hello, touch feet or wave our guests. And also you may respond by making a peace sign. Being healthy and staying healthy, it is always are priority. 

!If our team or me feel under the weather, we promise you; we are not going to run any tours!

Tour safety during the tour

Our tour guides follow a specially designed route and will give a short talk regarding personal safety at the beginning of the tour.  The guide will give you the best advice possible to make your tour as safe an enjoyable as possible both before and during the tour but you should take your own care when crossing roads and regarding the safe keeping of any goods or valuables you are carrying with you.  Athens Walking Guide accepts no liability for personal safety or loss of goods or valuables during the time that you are on the tour.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances or those beyond your control. Also we recommend a medical and personal insurance to cover medical expenses and loss of baggage or personal belonging.

At the moment we do not run group tours but only private Tours to minimize the risk of being exposed to Covid19 virus.

During your tour,

– Tourist guides, at all times, must follow any instructions given by the staff of archaeological sites and museums and are obliged to wear face masks throughout guided tours.

– In case of group tours of more than four people, tourist guides must accompany the guests/members of the group upon their entrance in an archaeological site or museum, inform them of the protection measures, make sure they comply and generally be responsible for them while guiding them and until their exit.

– Tourist guides must accompany their groups of visitors at all times.

– In case an organized group is not accompanied by a tourist guide, visitors must enter the premises in pairs, except for children, and must comply with all the measures as followed by individual visitors.

– The maximum number of visitors allowed in archaeological sites and museums (depending on their size) must be strictly followed.

– Mandatory use of audio tourist guide equipment (wireless microphone transmitters and receivers, better known as “whispers”) on behalf of tourist guides and their groups.


It is strongly recommended:

– For all (tourist guides, visitors, staff) to maintain the appropriate distances from one another, of at least 1.5 meters outdoors and 2 meters indoors.

– For all tourist guides to wear face masks, frequently use alcohol-based hand antiseptics and avoid touching cash registers and counters.

– For leaders of tourist group to make certain of a controlled flow of guests to the restrooms in collaboration with on site guard.

– For all to prefer e-tickets, where possible.

– For tourist guides to schedule appointments for visitors with special needs, where possible.

All rules are being constantly evaluated by the Greek government and health advisors. They will be updated in accordance to the course of the pandemic.

According to the general rules for the safe operation of archaeological sites and museums in Greece, a restricted number of visitors will be allowed to enter each archaeological site and museum (depending on its size) and will be required to keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters from one another. Site and museum staff will be present to regulate the entry-exit flow of visitors and organized tourist groups. All visitors are advised to wear face masks and have an alcohol-based hand antiseptic with them.